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The news about climate change is compiled in the Polar Current. This news include worldwide news on climate change, the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and sea level rise. To follow these global trends, check back weekly or click the orange icon below for a subscription to the feed.

Far more of Earth’s water was locked up as ice at the height of the last ice age than previously thought, and current climate change models may need to be adjusted to account for it, according to a new study.
It's called calving, and it occurs when enormous chunks of ice burst free from glaciers or floating ice shelves and drop into the sea with an explosive, heart-stopping crash.
Most of Antarctica's ice loss is from the bottom up, new research finds. In what represents the first comprehensive study of all of the frozen continent's ice shelves, researchers have found that basal melt, that is, melting from underneath driven by warm ocean waters, accounted for 55 percent of...
The hidden face of Antarctica, concealed for more than 30 million years beneath thick ice, is revealed in a new map and video of the continent's rocky surface, released today by NASA.
Special instruments installed in Greenland and Antarctica to measure melting ice may help scientists more accurately predict the rate of rising sea levels in the future.
Four of Greenland's most important glaciers could contribute up to 5cm to sea-level rise if global temperatures increase by 4.5°C by the end of the 22nd century, say scientists.
Shrinking Arctic sea ice is shifting polar weather patterns, especially in fall and winter, a new climate modeling study finds. For the study, researchers looked at weather patterns in 2007, when sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean hit one of its lowest summer extents since satellite tracking began...
Researchers have published their most advanced calculation for the likely impact of melting ice on global sea levels. The EU funded team say the ice sheets and glaciers could add 36.8 centimetres to the oceans by 2100.
Bad weather and dangerous crevasses have slowed the progress of the team trying to become the first to cross Antarctica during the polar winter. The team was hit before it started its crossing when veteran explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes had to pull out after suffering frostbite.
What's cooler than being cool? Brine-cold. When salt-rich water leaks out of sea ice, it sinks into the sea and can occasionally create an eerie finger of ice called a brinicle. New research explains how these strange fingers of ice form and how the salty water within sea ice could have been a...
The earliest satellite maps of Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice have been assembled by scientists. They were made using data from Nasa's Nimbus-1 spacecraft , which was launched in 1964 to test new technologies for imaging weather systems from orbit.
Summer ice is melting at a faster rate in the Antarctic peninsula than at any time in the last 1,000 years, new research has shown. The evidence comes from a 364-metre ice core containing a record of freezing and melting over the previous millennium. Layers of ice in the core, drilled from James...
Increasing melting of Arctic sea ice during recent summers points to the loss of Earth's polar ice cap within the next few decades, say federal researchers, sooner than previously projected.
First it was the fault of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog who mistakenly forecasted a quick end to winter . Now climate scientists are saying that Arctic sea ice—or the lack of it—is a driving force behind the Northern Hemisphere's unseasonably cold spring.
More ice is melting for a longer period of time each year on theAntarctic Peninsula, new research shows. The area is warming more quickly than almost any other spot on Earth. Temperatures on this mountainous strip of land have risen by 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) since the 1950s,...


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